Neutral needn’t be boring


Neutral colour choices in interiors sometimes get a bad wrap. But neutrals don’t need to be boring. When employed in the right way, a palette of neutral colours and textures can create calming, sophisticated and timeless interiors.

A neutral palette highlights bold fixtures

The luxe kitchen we designed for our Hinkler House utilises a predominantly white palette. Juxtaposed against the sleek white cabinetry and textured marble wrap around benchtops are striking fixtures including black mixer tap and sink ware and a stunning custom floating black pendant light The outcome is a kitchen that exudes understated sophistication that will remain fashionable for years to come.

Neutrals celebrate texture and materiality

The super minimalist palette of materials and luxurious muted furnishings we selected for the living room in our Parkdale House draws attention to their tactile qualities. From the Beaumont feature tile on the fireplace to the Blackbutt wood floors and lining boards, these materials bring the natural world in, strengthening the sense of connection to the outdoor living area.

Neutrals allow architectural details to shine

The palatial ensuite in our Parkdale House features a really simple palette of white and black tiles by Beaumont tiles and a pop of timber on the vanity. However, the striking feature of this space is the glorious full-height windows and the striking perforated metal window shades. The neutral palette really allows these architectural details to be the hero of the room.

No material is truly neutral

All paint colours and natural materials have coloured undertones. This means that even whites, beiges and greys have colours in them – tending either warm or cold. The gorgeous blackbutt floorboards and plywood panelling in the Hinkler House master bedroom have warm undertones that are enhanced by the sunlight pouring into the space. This sense of warmth is relaxing and comforting – perfect for a bedroom sanctuary.

Some great examples of how a neutral palette can be employed to create interiors that are simultaneously evocative and characterful; relaxed and sophisticated.

So if you’re thinking about a colour palette for a project you’re planning, neutrals are a great choice. They provide a subtle, yet rich and tactile backdrop against which you can inject personality via wall art and furnishings.

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