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Meet Gauri

We’re like family now”, says Gauri Pisolkar, the first-ever member of our team. As R Architecture celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary, we speak to the people behind the projects.

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The Client Experience

What is it like to work with us? R Architecture checks in with a residential client, Chetana, at our work-in-progress project, Bakers House in Hampton East.

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Humble House

Next to Wilson Botanical Gardens in a charming old part of Berwick, sits an intriguing yet unassuming new home…

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Early learning centre site selection

Among investment asset classes, early learning centres (ELCs) are currently leading the pack. A recent article by Burgess Rawson describes the childcare market as, ‘mature, strong and resilient’…

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To fake it, or not to fake it…

To fake it, or not to fake it… From fake flowers, fake grass to fake architecture (think, imitation French provincial or Roman villa), why is it a human urge to fake? At the material…

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Small lot, maximum returns

Small lot, maximum returns At R Architecture we are experts at maximising amenity and development yield through creative, practical and cost-effective design on small lot development…

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Small house / Big house?

Small house / Big house? There is a range of competing forces at play when it comes to deciding how big your new home should be. Factors such as affordability and environmental…

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Neutral needn’t be boring

Neutral needn’t be boring Neutral colour choices in interiors sometimes get a bad wrap. But neutrals don’t need to be boring. When employed in the right way, a palette of neutral colours…

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From Brief to Design

From Brief to Design: The importance of spatial relationships in achieving a quality design outcome At R Architecture, we have had the privilege of working on ‘Dream Home’ projects…

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