Whether a public or private client, you are looking for an architect who can translate your education vision into a practical spatial solution that meets legislated guidelines and provides pedagogical flexibility and operational efficiency. Budget management is a key concern for you and therefore, you require a design team who can effectively balance the competing needs of your project.

At R ARCHITECTURE, we take great pride and pleasure in the creation of education facilities. Whether publicly or privately owned, they are important pieces of community infrastructure. We have extensive experience in site selection and feasibility for private clients as well as a strong understanding of government legislation and design guidelines for childcare, kindergarten and school facilities.

Our Know-How

Early learning centre site selection

Among investment asset classes, early learning centres (ELCs) are currently leading the pack. A recent article by Burgess Rawson describes the childcare market as, ‘mature, strong and resilient’...

Collaboration is key for successful early learning centre developments

Property developers entering the early learning sector for the first time may be wondering about the best way to execute these projects. In my experience, the projects that achieve the best commercial outcomes are those that involve close collaboration between developer and operator, under the guidance of an architect.

Reimagining the early learning environment

Reimagining the early learning environment Educator Victoria Voulgaris and husband Chris Garris have spent the best part of the last decade developing her vision for an evolved early...