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R ARCHITECTURE offers a range of services covering the pre-design, design and post-design stages of your project.

Pre-Design opportunity study

At R ARCHITECTURE, before we start drawing, we facilitate a process we refer to as an ‘opportunity study’ that helps to define a strong and purposeful strategy for your project. This involves reviewing your needs, aspirations, and goals along with the expected timelines and budget. What emerges is a central idea or a set of clear over-arching principles that create a shared understanding of what we are setting out to achieve and guides the successful delivery of your project.


The architectural process follows a series of phases including:


Concept design

During the concept design phase, we collaborate with you to translate your requirements into a three-dimensional solution that responds to your needs and budget. This involves design exploration and ongoing feedback.


Development approval

During this phase, we submit plans and elevations to local authorities to secure development approval and building permit and any other relevant approvals. We manage the administration of this project stage with transparency providing regular updates.


Design Development

This phase involves liaising with external specialist consultants such as engineers, finalising materials selections and developing, refining, and detailing the project drawings. For large commercial projects, we work closely with specialist consultants to develop effective cost management and procurement strategies.


Interior and landscape design

Interior and landscape design are integral to a good, holistic design outcome. Our clients often engage us to carry out these services in addition to the architectural solution.


Construction documentation

This phase involves preparing detailed drawings and specification documents suitable for a builder to interpret and execute. This process considers the practical aspects of your project such as the building methodology, sequencing, cost, risk management, safety, and user-friendliness.


We like to shepherd our designs from drawing to reality, and to help our clients through this journey.


We won’t leave the built outcome on your project to chance, we will monitor construction progress on-site, be available to answer any questions you or your builder may have, to help resolve the execution of design details and to problem solve resolutions to unforeseen on-site issues. We understand that you might be busy with life or just not feeling confident to do it yourself. We can handle this process for you.


Furniture selection and styling is the ‘last piece of the puzzle’. These finishing touches add to the greatness of your project. Whether it is a family home to move into, a commercial project that you want to get ready for a marketing campaign or a public-oriented building where furniture and styling is just as important as the building itself.

NSW Nominated Architect: Gaurav Rajadhyax. Reg- 11221
Design Practitioner NSW-Architectural for Class 2 buildings: Gaurav Rajadhyax

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