Brunswick Townhouses


Situated on the fringe of Sydney Road Activity centre, our Brunswick townhouse project is a medium-density housing solution that addresses the missing middle of the housing market. The site is sandwiched between the high-density apartments along Sydney Road and the standard single-storey dwellings of suburbia. 





Brunswick, VIC


Planning & Architecture




Taking advantage of the commercial zoning, we maximise the buildable area of this small site.  Consisting of 3 three-storey townhouses and a small commercial space, our Brunswick townhouses provide a good transition between these two neighbourhoods providing good access to a range of amenities.  

The proposal looks to maximise the yield of the site while providing high-quality housing in a great location. These townhouses are perfect for downsizers who are looking to have a smaller footprint with less maintenance, while not having to settle for apartment living. The footprint of the building is split to provide all units with dual aspects along with access to northern light for all units providing better internal amenity.  

All units enjoy a generous amount of outdoor balcony space as well as a large roof terrace. The split in the footprint also provides a good pedestrian link off the street. Acting as an extension of the footpath into the site. The separation between car parking and walkways allows for safe and inviting access to the townhouses. A central courtyard has been provided at the entry of the units, bringing in soft landscape features that are rarely seen on commercial sites.  

The architecture takes cues from the surrounding industrial feel of the area, with robust materials. The predominant use of brick is accented by timber and coated steel. Raised planters bring a residential feel to this strong palette of materials.