Courtyard House


Courtyard house is three-storey multi-generational house. Our clients wanted a house where they would live with the children while providing a self-sufficient apartment on the top level for older parents. Multiple large living spaces and lift provide flexibility and functionality for occupants to come together or recluse for some personal space.



Completed 2022


Mulgrave, VIC


Architecture & Interior Design


Anlin He


Courtyard house is located on an east-west block orientation. In order to take advantage of northern daylight, a small courtyard has been provided in the centre of the house. A key aspect to our clients brief was bringing planting and vegetation into the house. This was achieved through multiple design features. Providing a courtyard not only brings light into the living spaces, but also the landscape. Landscaped spaces wrap around the main living areas on three sides. To further enhance the feel of vegetation in the house, sunken and raised planters have been proposed in the main entry and living spaces, along with green walls in the main bathroom and dining space.

In addition to vegetation, large voids have been used to create sense of grandeur. These are located in two key areas of the house, the entry and the main living area. These voids also create visual connections to the other living spaces on the upper floors providing a good connection throughout the house.

Concrete render finish and feature timber battens have been used to give the house a sleek modern look with some warmth and texture. The interiors material pallet explores a more unique collection of finishes. We were pleased to have a client that wanted to have interior finishes that were more unique and individual than the typical interiors seen in houses.

It was a pleasure working with Gaurav and his team to create an articulate and thoughtful vision that far exceeded our expectations. They were very accommodating in experimenting with the design we were after. Their efficient response to every email and calls has made it very easy to accomplish our vision. Over the course of my career, I have had the pleasure of working with many creative and thoughtful architects. R ARCHITECTURE has definitely distinguished themselves through their mix of creativity, logic, and very good customer service.

Courtyard House, Mulgrave