Endeavour Hills Residential Community


The proposed development is a community of 16 families with internal communal open spaces to interact, rejoice and reflect. Located in a residential pocket of Endeavour Hills, the site has the benefit of parklands to the north.  

Surrounding amenities and rapid developments of varied housing typologies in the locality warrant the need for a more desirable, liveable and affordable housing option. This is a pilot project for the developer- otherwise focusing on a commercial portfolio but with a keen desire to create meaningful housing options. The development aims to create an alternative approach to the traditional townhouse development model. The design looks at proposing diverse, well-located housing to support the growing community. All the dwellings are proposed to consist of 3 & 4 bedrooms. 





Endeavour Hills, VIC


Master Planning, Urban Design & Architecture




The built-form adopts the surrounding gable and pitched roof forms that are prominent in the area. This design language adopts a modern interpretation of the contextual builtscape.  

The development proposes varied building typologies to create a development that feels like a ‘small village’. The typologies have different yet complementary building forms and materiality to create a varied streetscape both external and internal view. Doing this results in a more visually interesting, engaging and integrated residential development as opposed to a ‘cookie-cutter’ product that is otherwise common in the surrounding area. 

Communal open spaces located in 2 pockets on-site form a key feature of this development. The design aims to provide each dwelling with the minimum required private open space for private use. On top of this the development proposes larger communal open spaces. This allows for the development to become a micro-community. The communal space would provide amenities like a playground for children, vegetable gardens and an outdoor entertaining area for group use. 

Good landscaping is vital and integral to this development. The landscape design for this project is a micro-level interpretation of the broader landscape that surrounds the site. This includes private courtyards, communal spaces and transitional spaces including pathways.  Safe access around the site for its dwellers and visitors is paramount. Pedestrians and cars are segregated and managed through appropriate landscaping and safe navigational provisions.  

Endeavour Hills Community project shows that a holistic approach to low-rise medium-density residential design can deliver real value to outer suburban living.