Hampton Townhouses


Hampton Townhouses is a dual-occupancy townhouse development located in the beautiful coastal suburb of Hampton. Our project is designed for a pair of adult siblings, a brother and sister, who are seeking to create two large, fossil fuel-free, contemporary homes on their family site.  





Hampton, VIC


Planning, Architecture & Interior Design




Our proposal has carefully placed this project on a 650 square metre lot, ensuring maximum site coverage of 50% whilst leaving sufficient open space. The site orientation has been optimised to create two dramatically different lifestyles within one development.  

The east-facing house boasts a footprint that wraps around an inground spa pool, with glazing around the pool providing a sense of luxury and openness to the living area. A separate generous dining zone has been designed for social gatherings, making this home perfect for entertaining guests. On the other hand, the west-facing house takes advantage of abundant sunlight and incorporates biophilic design principles to combine residential living with indoor greenery. Voids and high functional spatial arrangements have been created to better adapt to modern family living.  

We have also incorporated sustainable living principles into the core of the design to create comfortable living conditions with lower environmental impact without high upfront costs. The homes will consume no fossil fuel energy when in use and harvest renewable energy from having a photovoltaic system that exceeds the daily energy requirements for the houses, combined with solar hot water units, and passive design solutions to achieve outstanding thermal performance and an impressive 6.5-star energy rating, making them both eco-friendly and cost-effective when in use.  

The exterior features black timber battens on the entry level and locally sourced metal cladding in white, creating long-lasting homes that can withstand the salty coastal air. The external finishes also take cues from the historical weatherboard homes that are still common in the Hampton area. Asymmetry, visual hierarchy, colour, contrast, and curves have been incorporated to create an eye-catching contemporary design that is almost sculptural when viewed from the street.

Hampton Townhouses demonstrate that great homes can be both beautiful and sustainable in suburban contexts.