Parkdale House


Parkdale house is a celebration of large existing gum trees on site. The tall, sturdy trees, the smooth and rustic texture of their bark- forms inspiration for the design of this house.

The owners wanted a new family home that is flexible to cater to the future changes in family requirements- a joyful abode at all stages in life. Whilst the trees presented challenges to work with, they also presented great opportunities for the house to be laid out around the trees and benefit from the peculiar character that the trees contributed to this home site. Other challenges presented by this site was the steep slope of the site and a restrictive covenant related to building height that had to be taken into consideration whilst delivering a meaningful design outcome- that did not feel like a compromise.



Completed 2019


Balwyn, VIC


Architecture & Interior Design


Dylan James


The design for this new family home draws on the advantages of the site and its features- The house is terraced into the slope of land to present a more humble relationship with the site features and the street. This also helps to address the height restriction imposed by covenant and yet deliver a nice feel internally with high ceilings. The floor plate of the house wraps around the gum tree at the rear. All living areas and main bedrooms are oriented facing the north-eastern courtyard. High internal ceilings and expansive windows frame continuous views to the gum trees.

External finishes are composed of metal cladding, timber and concrete. This timeless material palette is based on the ‘for-ever home’ requirement that the Clients always desired for. Views to and from the neighbouring houses are carefully screened by angular perforated metal blades. These blades form an active part of the exterior facades. They screen the views without blocking them or obstructing the sunlight. With changing lighting conditions across different times of the day, the screens filter different levels of light, adding a dynamic and interesting change to the facades.

Details such as concrete for some walls and floors, double glazed windows, solar panels to generate electricity and that combined with appropriate positioning of spaces to maximise day lighting and ventilation, makes this house a practical and comfortable place. A home among the gum trees.

R ARCHITECTURE helps work through the construction of the project with product selection as well as construction details. The plans are well thought out and of architectural excellence. We highly recommend R ARCHITECTURE for any building project.

Parkdale House, Balwyn