Vermont South ELC


Located on Burwood Highway, our Vermont South Early Learning Centre consists of a 136-spaces over two levels. In collaboration with a local developer this project takes advantage of the Residential Growth Zone setting with multiple new and upcoming apartment developments in the vicinity.

In a neighbourhood with a growing population, there is a need for high-quality early learning centre. Taking advantage of a corner location and through the consolidation of three lots, the center achieves a commanding presence within the busy streetscape.





Vermont South, VIC


Planning & Architecture




The design aesthetic looks to achieve a modern & contemporary form taking cues from traditional residential materials and forms. The facade combines 4 Gable roof forms to help break up the building mass and continue the existing residential rhythm to the street scape. Metal cladding with colourful brick accents provides a fun and inviting Early Learning Centre atmosphere. The design and materiality look to break away from the more typical early learning centres with a commercial aesthetic.

The internal spaces are divided into 2 halves. Administration to the south and Internal playrooms to the north. This creates simplicity and efficiency of the floor plan, while taking advantage of the northern aspect for the play areas.

A key approach we take to designing Early Learning centers is to provide flexible internal space, including a kitchen and flixi-room / dining space that sits at the heart of the centre. The flexi space connects 2 play areas with removable walls to create 1 large space for events and flexible learning.