Regional opportunities abound for R Architecture


R Architecture is currently working on a swathe of regional projects. In this short article, we delve into four distinct projects: an Industrial Development in Albury, a mixed-use development in Wodonga, another in Myrtleford, and a game-changing Hotel Development in Shepparton. These projects demonstrate R Architecture’s commitment to optimising spaces, enhancing functionality, and fostering economic growth in suburban and now regional areas.

Industrial Development, Albury

Situated in an industrially zoned area, the site currently includes a portion of underutilised vacant land. We are designing a 32-unit warehouse complex spanning 150m² each, designed with a focus on modularity. The design enables the merging of units to create larger tenancies to accommodate suitable tenants. The project includes early-stage master planning and conceptualisation for the site. The aim is to explore various feasible usage scenarios, taking a comprehensive approach to maximise the site’s potential, catering to diverse future needs while promoting adaptability and efficient land use.

Mixed Use Development, Wodonga

This expansive project on a sizable site requires initial development approval. Envisioned as a mixed-use space encompassing residential, commercial, child care, fast food, and NDIS facilities and hotel, its design challenge arises from the site’s unconventional shape and steep gradient. By optimising site efficiency, minimising excavation, and adapting the layout to the slope, the project aims to enhance land utilisation. This innovative approach yields a remarkable 25-30% increase in overall capacity compared to an earlier scheme undertaken by another practice, showcasing a strategic integration of diverse functionalities while leveraging the terrain’s natural contours.

Mixed Use Development, Myrtleford

This project encompasses a spacious parcel, effectively comprising two lots with both residential and commercial zoning. Positioned in central Myrtleford, it is positioned on the edge of the town centre. The plan entails commercial development (childcare, offices, retail, hospitality) alongside townhouses. Addressing the town’s lack of housing diversity, the project introduces denser housing options, notably 1-2 bedroom units, aligning with the municipality’s intention to promote more varied housing. Enriched by its adjacency to the rail trail, the location supports a cafe and retail-oriented concept, delicately managing the interface between commercial and recreational spaces. This development holds promise for a vibrant, mixed-use community hub.

Hotel Development, Shepparton

Amidst thriving tourism and job expansion in regional Victoria, R Architecture is delivering a landmark hotel in Shepparton, which was recently granted planning consent. This 5-star, 12,300sqm development boasts 60 suites, 60 serviced apartments, dining venues, a pool, and versatile event spaces. Collaborating with the preferred hotel operator, R Architecture has developed a design that adheres to the operator’s brand standards while responding meaningfully to the local context. Positioned along Goulburn Valley Highway, the striking ribbed copper facade shapes a gateway to Shepparton’s heart. Thoughtful architecture diminishes visual bulk, enhancing engagement with the public realm. The hotel signals economic progress, applauded by Greater Shepparton City Council and locals, promising fresh employment prospects and regional business vigour.

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